Come in for our signature full-body treatment series with the Emsculpt® and sculpt your muscle today! Here at L.D.I. we combine different modalities with our Emsculpt® to also target fat and loose or saggy skin!

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**Results will vary from patient to patient**

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Sculpt Muscle 

Emsculpt® is the only FDA cleared treatment to build muscle! Here at L.D.I. you can come in for either an abdomen or buttock treatment (or both) to strengthen your core and gluteal muscles! Emsculpt® studies also show that you can melt fat as a natural response to your body eliciting over 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions.

Melt Fat

As part of our BODY BY L.D.I. Program you can combine Emsculpt® with our fat melting treatments for an enhanced, trimmer look. After we help you build and strengthen your core we can melt your fat in as little as 4 weeks! With a stronger core and leaner physique you can get back to doing the things you love!  

Tighten Skin

Finally after your Emsculpt® series we can help tighten up your skin to help you feel more confident. With a quick series of skin tightening our BODY BY L.D.I. program is complete as we have treated muscle, fat and skin to address all of your health and aesthetic concerns so you can feel confident and healthy!

** Results will vary from patient to patient**



  • Non-invasive muscle building and strenghtening
  • The nonsurgical procedure requires no anesthesia or incisions
  • Does not use heat or radiation, reducing risks
  • Treatment lasts only 30 minutes with no downtime afterward
  • Works on areas that don't respond to other sculpting methods
  • Clinical studies show treatment is both safe and effective

"EMSCULPT® was amazing! It felt like I was doing thousands of squats. It did exactly what I wanted, it lifted and toned my butt."

-Stefanie, Emsculpt® Patient

Meet Dr. Jacob Rispler

One of the most successful providers of skin rejuvenation, Dr. Jacob Rispler is certified by the American Board of Dermatology. He is an experienced dermatologist who takes passion in his work, resulting in some of the most successful laser skin treatments in the field.  

Dr. Rispler is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. He has developed a number of medical techniques and treatment innovations that have led to him being featured on local and national television, magazines, and medical articles.  

Thousands of patients have experienced successful results with Dr. Rispler. He has treated patients around the world since 1976. His practice is within distance of the largest metro areas of California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. He continues to devote his labor and resources towards developing the most efficient treatment techniques in laser and RF technology.  

We have just introdcued the Emsculpt® to our office to complete our BODY BY L.D.I. suite! Now we can build and strenghthen you muscle, address your excess fat and saggy skin concerns that no other treatment series can offer!